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How Poker has Evolved
The Poker game's past is a mystery and cannot be tracked to any certain point in the history of card games. It does resemble a Persian game called NAS and may have been introduced to the United States by sailors who came into New Orleans. The French Canadians who came to New Orleans to help the city settle may have also brought in versions of the game of poker with them. However we do know that the game traveled up the Mississippi as a game of choice for gamblers who primarily were the paddle wheelers. The game that was played then was the 5-card stud. The popularity of the poker game grew from the saloons along the river and was carried to the heartland by soldiers and frontiersmen who loved to gamble amongst friends.

Origins of Poker
The origins of the fascinating poker game are somewhat in dispute. Many say that it bears similarities from the ancient Persian game of As Nas and has its roots in said game. However, it is commonly thought that the French brought their game "poque," meaning to brag (really, in this case, to brag about something untrue, or to bluff), to the American south, where local dialects transformed it from "poque" to "pokah" and then "poker."

Poker Addiction
Poker can be extremely addictive when not gambling responsibly and one of the reasons it’s banned in so many countries and states in the USA. Poker can give you similar feelings as that of being on drugs or pills. Look at the characteristics of most poker players and you can similarly compare them to cocaine addicts.

Internet poker has got a lot better in helping players out with their addiction. They place automatic holds on player accounts who deposit too quickly. There are deposit maximums you can set to stop you from losing too much in a given week. I would even suggest contacting the poker rooms and having them ban you from their site to keep you from playing. Call or email all the sites you have accounts with and put an end to it. You can even call your bank to not let them accept any more transactions from poker sites.

Poker Latest Update

Unibet Poker's CEO Heads to France Monday
Petter Nylander, CEO of Swedish firm Unibet, was released to the more comfortable surroundings of a local hotel after agreeing to remain in the Netherlands, after his brief appearance in the Amsterdam District Court Wednesday afternoon, where his legal team told an extradition hearing they would not fight his transfer to France on a warrant of arrest issued in June this year at the behest of French gambling monopolies. On Monday, Nylander was detained at Schipol airport under a French arrest warrant after failing to appear before a French judge who is investigating the company's alleged breach of a state monopoly on online gambling. His arrest was the boldest action in a campaign to save two French gambling monopoly operators, created in the 19th century: the Francaise des Jeux (FDJ) which runs lotteries, and the Pari Mutuel Urbain (PMU) a monopoly operator of betting on horse racing, sports, lotteries and other forms of gambling in France...